Is your mama a llama? by Deborah Guarino From Bogey Bear
Is your mama a llama?  No, it's not a rude question, its a great picture book.  One of my favorites. Children love stories about other children.  They also live the sound of rhyming and poetic verse.  Well then, this book has it all.  Cute pictures help get pre-readers involved and tell the story.  To a child, it all makes sense - a young llama asking other baby animals what type of critter their mama is.

About the Book
A brief, illustrated, biography of the Baptist minister and civil rights leader whose philosophy and practice of nonviolent civil disobedience helped American blacks win many battles for equal rights.


The board book version of this popular recitation of animal characteristics is equally as delightful as other editions, with one key improvement: it's inedible. This robust reissue follows lovable Lloyd the llama on his quest to find out what percentage of the baby animal population has llamas for mamas. The rhymes are original and infectious, and the riddles are sure to have children shouting out the answers in anticipation of turning the page.

Youngsters often exhibit an insatiable appetite for adorable baby animals, and Is Your Mama a Llama provides plenty of fodder for fawning. Illustrator Steven Kellogg, however, manages to keep the pictures sweet without being saccharine. And rest assured, no matter how often your little one is compelled to kiss the critters, the sturdy board-book format will stand the test of time (and of course, slobber). (Ages 0 to 4)

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 1-- An enchanting animal guessing game for preschoolers. Lloyd, a baby llama, asks each of his friends, "Is your mama a llama?," and all respond in turn with a rhyming description of their mother that is answered on the following page. Young listeners will delight in the playful rhythm of the text, and each riddle is sure to result in a resounding chorus of response. Kellogg's full-color illustrations of animals in their natural surroundings maintain their usual appeal and humor and will carry well to groups, while individual readers will be further rewarded by the subtlety and detail of the backgrounds. --Starr LaTronica, North Berkeley Library, CA

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About the Author
Deborah Guarino, author of the best-selling children's classic, "Is Your Mama a Llama?" (Scholastic, Inc.) is now celebrating her book's 21st year in print. With more than a million copies sold, her playful book's popularity now spans two generations. It's available in five different editions, including a Spanish translation, and has been animated on DVD. It's also been selected by Oprah's Book Club for Kids, included in an episode of the prime-time series "Medium" and endorsed by actress Jennifer Garner, who recently became a literacy advocate on behalf of the Save the Children organization,in PEOPLE Magazine

A free-lance writer, actor and illustrator, Guarino was born and raised in New Jersey and has lived in New York and London. She's also a produced playwright, director, and professional speaker who frequently visits schools, libraries and literacy events across the U.S., giving lively, interactive presentations on writing and the creative process for children and adults alike. A single mother of two, her oldest son, Josh, currently performs stand-up comedy in New York while Dan, a high school sophomore, hopes to pursue a career in art and special effects. Deborah Guarino can be reached via her website at or through