Tracks of a panda, by Nock DowsonFrom Bogey Bear
Children love stories about babies and it doesn't matter if the babies are human or animals or bears!  Pandas are beautiful animals, rare animals that most of us never see.  The book is a fun story based on the life of panda bears and it is full of facts about the habitate where these bears live too.  The book has an important message - we all need a safe home.

About the Book
High on a mist-wrapped mountain, a mother panda cradles her newborn, pink and impossibly small. The bamboo patch they need for food is dying, and as soon as her baby is old enough, they must seek a new home, sleeping in trees and swimming across icy streams along the way. Nick Dowson’s lyrical text, interspersed with intriguing facts, follows one of nature’s most magnificent — and endangered — species on its search for a safe habitat, while Yu Rong’s expressive, delicate brushwork brings these legendary creatures to life.

From Insitutue of Education
The best information books are so interesting that they make you want to find out more. The Nature Storybooks do just that.

Margaret Meek

From the Publisher
A giant panda and her baby set off on a search for a safe, sustaining home in this informative tale about an enchanting creature.

About the Author
Nick Dowson, an English teacher and drama specialist at a secondary school in England, has a passionate interest in natural history and the outdoor world.